Friday, January 30, 2009

Wow its been forever

Well it has been forever since i last added to this here blogg... well we have been pretty busy, we recently moved in with Jacob's parents, I was laid off of my work, and we are happily married with a wonderful happy littl boy. Hayden is growing so fast! the doctor said he is REALLY big (as in tall) he is now 5 months old and already 29" tall. Wow he is a big boy he gets that from his daddy. We had a great Christmas, we spent it down in Santaquin with my family Christmas eve and Christmas morning it was so wonderful and memorable.Christmas night we went back to Clinton and hung out with Jacobs family. What a wonderful time of year.

Friday, November 21, 2008

What's going on...

I just thought I would update our Blog and let you know a little more of what is going on around here. Jacob and I are doing well. Hayden is growing like a little weed. He is trying so hard to Sit up on his own right now it is so fun to watch him. He has been cooing and wiggling so much more. He loves to stand up (with help obviously.) He is getting so big and tall that he is now in 6-9 month clothing and he is only 3 months old.
We also will be getting a new addition to our family. It is a little girl and she is a cockapoo. We are so excited to add this little puppy into the family. We will go pick her up from Gunnison on Saturday. We thought it would be so fun for Hayden to have a puppy to grow up with him that he can play with and chase after once he is crawling.
Well that is all for now I will update again later.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trip to Montana

October 25th we made and emergancy trip to Montana to see Jacobs Grandmother,she was not doing very good health wise. It was Hayden's 1st Long road trip, he was such a good little angle (he slept most of the way.) Hayden and myself were able to meet more of the relatives on Jacob's dad's side and it was so much fun. Unfortunately October 26th at 11:00pm Grandma Biggers passed away. Although it was a very sad time it was a very happy time also. Knowing she will not have to suffer any longer and that she is in a better place. It was so amazing to see all the families rally together and support one another through this hard time. Grandma Biggers we will miss you and we love you so very much.

Halloween fun

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

We had quite a fun Halloween this year. It was Hayden's first and he dressed up as a Tiger. He was the cutest little tiger ever. There are a few pictures we took of him in his costume and he looks like a cute little fat cat.
Jacobs work had a Halloween party and each department had a theme, well ... Jacobs department was 50's Diner. He didn't want to be a Greaser like all the other guys so he asked me to sew him a poodle skirt so he could be a little poodle girl. Can I just tell ya he was the cutest poodle girl ever.
When we went to buy the fabric for his skirt it bought way too much though so i ended up making a skirt for myself and Jacob and Hayden. We all three were matching Poodle Girls. Hayden and I went to Jacobs work for a little trick or treating and showed off our matching outfits. Everyone thought we were just so cute.

Fall Fun...

Jacob, Hayden and I went over to Jacob's parents house and raked up the leaves that had fallen on the ground and took some really cute pictures of Hayden. It was so much fun for us but Hayden just wanted to sleep he was not the happiest baby for these pictures.

A Little About Us. .

Jacob and I met on LDS in July 2006. We started to email back and forth and very shortly the conversations moved to the phones. Jacob was living up in Bozeman, Montana, and I was living in Provo, Ut. Jacob came down to Utah to visit his family July 22, 2006. We met up and hung out the entire weekend. It was Love at first Site. LOL :) Jacob had to go back to Montana to work but we planned on me driving up there the next weekend to see him. We just couldn't get enough of one another.
Jacob put in his two weeks notice the first of August and moved home. We continued to date and tried the long distance thing. His family lived in Clinton Utah, and I was still in Provo. September 24, 2006 Jacob purposed to me. We set a date for March 17th 2007. We were married in Santaquin UT.
We first lived in Bountiful Utah, Jacob worked at Lakeview Hospital as a supplies tech. I was able to find a job at AWA Kitchen Cabinets, I started out as office help but very quickly moved up to designing kitchens and to head designer. We then moved to Farmington, Utah where we lived for about 10 months. It was a great little Duplex we rented and a great ward to live in. Jacob quit Lakeview Hospital, November 2007 and got a job working for Dental Select. After his first month there he was employee of the month. December 2007 we found out we were pregnant with out first baby! Which got us looking for a house to raise our family in. We bought a house March 1st 2008 in Sunset, Utah. I love it! August 18 2008 Hayden Jacob Biggers joined out family. October 18,2008 we were sealed in the Bountiful Temple for all time and eternity.